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Work / Home / Play Balance

(some of my family)

Before I get started, please allow me to apologize for such a long delay between posts. Life at times has things that come into it which can create a wave of confusion, distractions for you, or worse. For me, I have had things pop up recently which weren't planned for or desired and definitely created distractions and confusion. Which got me to thinking about this work / play balance as the title shows. So, without further delay...

This week I am going to touch on the balance of work and home / play. It's a topic that is part of all of our lives. I am sure we all have different views on what is the best balance for work and home life / play. I have known people that have the "balance" way off kilter. I'm sure you have known people which are referred as "people that live to work". It seems like that is all they do. Long hours each day and even weekends. Please understand I am all for working hard and at times doing longer than desired hours to get the job done, but even God took a day off to rest. He created heaven and earth in Six days, and on the 7th day He rested. So, if God needs a day to rest, why shouldn't we? What effect does working to much have on your mind? Your body? It boosts your stress level, gets in the way of working out, relying on more caffeine to make it through the day, it also promotes unhealthy food choices. It will also affect your relationships in a negative way. On the opposite side of things, when we play too much, we tend to have less money, loose jobs, can be viewed as undependable. God tells us that we are to earn our keep by the sweat of our brows. Mind you, He never said anything about liking it. This is where the work / play balance comes into what we need in our lives. I have said for years that "I work to live, not live to work". There is never a single person late in their life, or on their death bed to say, "I wish I would have worked more". No, instead they wish they would have taken more time to spend with family, go fishing, or play with the kids, etc... To have that full life we all desire, we must find that balance that is right for us. We are not promised our next breath, so how can we go forward in life always saying "tomorrow" I/we will do it. Make the most of the life you have now, not tomorrow. You may agree or disagree with my thoughts on this, but let me ask you, How is YOUR work / Play balance?

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