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Pre-Drywall Inspections

I know what you are thinking. Why should I spend extra money to have a pre-drywall inspection performed? It is being inspected by the city/county building inspector. Everything will be built correctly because they will ensure it is, right? 

Yes, it is being inspected by the city/county building inspector more than once, but that doesn't mean it's correctly built, or things weren't missed on your home that could have a huge impact on the home later. Would you rather catch the problems while it is being built and easier to fix or after the home is finished and the problems begin to surface?

A pre-drywall inspection will provide you with insight on what type of material were used to construct it. Were the floor joists used a standard wood construction or where they and engineered i-joist construction? Were they properly installed? Did they used joist hangers? Did they install the correct number of nails in the joist hangers? Did they use the correct type of nails?


Were all of the trusses attached properly to the walls? Did they use hurricane straps? Do the girders have proper support? What type of plumbing was installed in the home? Was it all properly supported and installed? 

All of these and many other items in the home are all covered once the insulation and sheetrock is installed Preventing you from know what things were not done correctly until issues arise. 

A pre-drywall inspection can help you protect the investment you have in your home. 

Below are several photos taken during pre-drywall inspections and a few of finished new construction. These include issues you may not see until they cause you, the homeowner problems.


Girder, Improperly supported 


Trusses Not Touching Outside Wall


Shower Not Properly Attached To Studs


Wall Studs Not Fully Supported


Loose Truss - 4 Were Not Attached


Girder Not Properly Supported. Block Pier Broke


Large Hole in Concrete Slab. Drain Too Big For Wall


Wall Anchor Bolts Broke Free Of Concrete

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