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New Construction Inspection

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Buying a newly constructed home? The last thing you are thinking about is needing a home inspection since it's new and no one has lived in it. What could possibly be wrong with it?

As a home is constructed, it goes through several inspections for the foundation, framing, insulation, wiring, etc. These inspections are to inspect only those areas. In many cases, they are only inspected one time. Other subcontractors can change or damage things that are never inspected again.

Here are some examples of things commonly found during a home inspection of a newly constructed home:  

misaligned doors, warped doors, faulty and/or noisy garbage disposals, main girder not contacting the block and brick pier in the crawlspace, construction trash hid under home, loose toilets, loose toilet tanks, shingle damage, large area of silicone on roof to "fix" hole in shingles, HVAC systems not operating properly, nails through the shingles, etc.

Before closing on your new home or having your final walk through, be sure to have it inspected by a qualified, thorough, licensed NC home inspector such as First Home Inspections. 

First Home Inspection

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