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Your Thermostat and You

One thing I've heard for years is that you should adjust your thermostat for the times you are away from your home during the day to save money on the HVAC cost. I heard it so often and for so long I started to believe it. I know the theory is if you adjust the temperature to cause the HVAC system to run less it will save you money. While this may be true for when you are away from home, did you know it will cause you HVAC system to run longer and more often once you readjust the setting?

What most people don’t think about is the HVAC system doesn’t only heat / cool the air of your home. It heats / cools the floor, ceiling, walls and all your furniture. When you adjust the temperature up or down, ALL these things will adjust to that temperature as well. Then when you return home and readjust the thermostat back for your comfort, the HVAC system will have to bring the temperature of everything back to that setting. This in turn causes it to run longer and cycle on and off for hours until everything is back to your comfort level. This will use more energy than having it maintain a constant temperature throughout the day.

To better maintain your comfort and save money on energy bills, set your thermostat and leave it alone.

Now, if you are taking a trip, or going on vacation where you will be away from home for several days with no one staying in the home while you are gone, then yes, adjust the temperature to save money. Doing this daily will cost you more in energy usage and your level of comfort when you return home.

If you have any questions, please let me know or reach out to your favorite HVAC contractor and let them help you.

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