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What is the optimum temperature for your hot water?

Hello everyone. Today's topic is something we all use on a daily basis, and probably most of us don't know or think about. That is the temperature of your hot water. Why is this important? The water temperature plays a crucial part in keeping you safe. If the water is too hot, there is the

possibility of you, your children or an elderly person being scalded when running only the hot water. If the temperature of the water is too low, then it may allow bacteria to grow in your water heater. There are a few different types of bacteria that may grow, but Legionella bacteria is the most common. Legionella is what causes Legionnaires' disease. You can get Legionnaires disease by inhaling microdroplets of water contaminated with Legionella bacteria.

The optimum temperature to have your water temperature at is 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent scalding and growth of bacteria in your water heater. This temperature doesn't kill the bacteria, but it prevents it from growing. Be sure to check the actual temperature of the water and not go by the settings on the water heater. The thermostat settings of the water heater could be off or malfunctioning. If the indicator for the temperature setting of the thermostat is way off, there could be other issues with the water heater. If this is the case, you should contact a licensed plumber to evaluate your water heater.

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