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Buying or Selling a Home?

Do you truly want to know the Issues? 

Allow us to discover them for you with an Inspection

Doing Inspections in the Triad and surrounding areas of NC.

Treating you how we want to be treated! 

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About Us

WELCOME to First Home Inspections!

Locally Owned and Operated 

Providing thorough inspections by using over 30 years of experience from different elements of the construction and remodeling industry in the inspection process to have better insight into your homes condition.
At First Home Inspections, we take pride in delivering a thorough inspection of your home to help provide the assurance you need of its current condition.
Please note that the inspection, is a non-invasive, limited visual inspection.

We are proud of our country, our military and first responders.  

To honor them, I offer a discount to all Law Enforcement, Firemen and Military. These men and women sacrifice and serve so we may live freely in this Great Country!

We owe our Freedom to our Military

and we owe our continued safety to our Police and Firemen.

Serving the NC Triad area of High Point, Greensboro, Kernersville, Winston Salem, Thomasville and surrounding areas. 

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Veteran Memorial Service
Elemets of a home

Different Elements of Your Home

Breaker panel.jpg
Fuse panel.jpg

Common practices for electricity has changed over the years as you see in the pictures of the old fuse panel and the newer breaker panel. No matter the age of the electrical service, it will be inspected and any issues found will be noted in the inspection report.


Decks are a wonderful place to relax and entertain, but they can also be dangerous if not properly constructed. From 2003 to 2007 there were 20,200 injuries from structural  failure of decks, porches, railing or stairs with 30 deaths.

Decks will be thoroughly inspected to be sure they are safe for you and your family to enjoy.

Air Vent Cleaning

Your HVAC system is an important part of your home. We recommend having it serviced annually by a certified HVAC Specialist to help it maintain peak performance, even after you your initial home inspection.

Tip: Replace the air filter EVERY MONTH for better performance and longer life of HVAC equipment, regardless of packaging recommendations of filter. 


Your roof protects your home from the elements, it also adds character to your home. It will be thoroughly inspected from both inside the attic and outside for any signs of leaks, deterioration or damage. 

Rustic Fireplace

Fireplaces and wood burning stoves can be wonderful to have in a home, but they need to be properly maintained. According to the U.S Fire Administration, chimney fires and flue fires are the 2nd on the list of residential fires (electrical is number one). Please have a qualified chimney sweep, clean and inspect them prior to use each year.

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We Accept All Major Credit cards, Cash, Checks and Debit Cards.
Payments are due on the day the Home is Inspected
Your Inspector

Home Inspector License

               # 4687

Meet your Inspector and Owner of First Home Inspections, Stephen Robertson.

Over 30 years of combined experience in different aspects of the construction industry and a Licensed NC Home Inspector. 


First Home Inspections

Owner: Steve Robertson

 Kernersville, NC

Tel: 336-870-2606

Open Monday - Saturday

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